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Transport Program

The transport program targets the poorest burn survivors that come to ANIQUEM. As there is no other location in Peru that offers comprehensive rehabilitation for scarring from burns at no cost to the patient, children from the poorest sector of society find their way to ANIQUEM.

The various treatments require that the children and a care giver return to the clinic on a regular basis. Therefore, with a large percentage of these families operating on incomes of less than $70. CDN per person/per month, bus fare even from within the city becomes an issue.

Angely Llallico

Our transport program is supporting children from this socioeconomic group, with bus fare for themselves and a care-giver for each visit to the clinic. In many cases a small amount of money for food is provided. Tickets on buses from outside the city are provided when a bus company cannot be persuaded to donate the fare. These children typically come for perhaps a week three or four times a year. The transport program will also fund the hostel accommodation which includes meals.