CAFA:Canadian Friends of Aniquem


Helping Burned Children in Peru

Dr Raul Rodriguez has been instrumental in introducing much needed improvements in the surgical approach and post operative care of burn victims in Peru, which improved survival rates and reduced the length of hospital stay. Dr Rodriguez also found that further treatment was necessary. This added care gives the victim a chance to be a useful and happy member of society despite the physical and psychological scarring.

"With this in mind Dr Rodriguez and his wife Dr Mary Malca opened the doors of ANIQUEM in September 1999. ANIQUEM provides professional comprehensive rehabilitation for children who have been scarred due to severe burns. It is the only such clinic in the country, and provides this service free of charge for the large, poor majority of burn victims in Peru.

ANIQUEM receives no help from the Peruvian government and is non denominational. As their numbers grow – currently more than 3,000 patients – their resources are stretched. When a new patient walks in the door of ANIQUEM, they are met by the CAFA social worker and are examined and assessed by one of the doctors to determine the course of their treatment. This treatment typically includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and often psychological counseling. If appropriate, they will be measured for a pressure garment that will be produced in the ANIQUEM workshop. A series of appointments will be made for the child and care giver – generally the mother. There is no charge for any of these treatments.

Please visit the ANIQUEM website.