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In February of this year CAFA celebrated its 5th scholarship ceremony for ANIQUEM patients.
There are currently 11 students in the full program, all of whom will be helped to keep studying for as long as they wish and are able to fulfill the requirements. This year, we are meeting the full tuition requirements for all these students.
Two students graduated last year, and Vanessa spoke at the ceremony, saying how her life has changed now that she is working at her chosen profession. The 11 remaining are attending university(2) or college(3), in pre university courses(2) or high school(4).

This year 18 additional students were admitted into a new program that provides school supplies for our neediest children. Should any of these children eventually wish to continue in school past high school, the application process that the full scholarship students must fulfil will apply. We are very proud of all our students and graduates, and congratulate them on a job well done!