CAFA:Canadian Friends of Aniquem

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Incorporated as a non-profit corporation in October 2006, and a registered charity with Revenue Canada in December 2007, the Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM Health Development Corporation (CAFA) is governed by an elected Board of Directors comprised of four persons elected to fill the Officer positions, and two additional persons, being Directors at large. The officers of CAFA are the President, the Treasurer, the Vice President and Chairman and the Secretary.
Directors and officers are nominated and elected at the annual general meetings by voting members. The Board of CAFA is a working Board,

CAFA Board of directors
Board of Directors
made up of volunteers committed to the purposes of the organization. The activities of CAFA are planned, implemented and evaluated by Board members.
CAFA is a federally registered charity (Canada Revenue Agency # 834638165RR0001). CAFA is also registered with the Ontario Ministry of Government Services as a non-profit corporation under Ontario Corporation number 1705198.


Financial Statements are available from CAFA. Please email to with any questions. We are able to allocate 100% of the funds provided by individual Canadian donors to our projects in Peru. Our funds are distributed to programs detailed on this website. We have two full time staff members in Lima - both social workers - who deliver our programs while working closely with ANIQUEM patients. Our ‘overhead’ in 2011 was about 5% and was focused on information for fund raising as well as basic office supplies and accountant costs.

All donations to CAFA come from individual donors in Canada. Thank you for making this possible. Our fiscal year is November 1 to October 31.